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Rhythm and Booze

Rhythm and Booze

"A brilliantly entertaining, unmissable evening of chaotic fun!"

This was the final curtain for the DOF Panto 2013. The 3rd night and an audience of 200 awaited. The bands take on government, energy oligarchs and the long suffering public, but more of that later.

The whole show is hilariously entertaining and anarchic as ever, Pussy Cat, ably performed by Hannah, dropping comfortably? Into the feline lead as she purred through the song, wonderfully risqué and funny. The DOF show comes with a public warning label, not suitable for children, as indeed the Panto was for an 18+ audience.

Read article: www.rhythm-and-booze.co.uk

Folk for Free review

Folk for Free

"These high-octane musicians bring something new to the world of folk."

This seven piece ensemble creates complete folk mayhem, injecting humour and fun into their performances. From songs about bankers to David Cameron, Birmingham’s industrial decline, to a musical version of Lord of the Rings.

Read article: www.folkforfree.co.uk

The Rock Club Review

The Rock Club

Review from Moseley Folk.

Other locals were even more raucous; with a name like Dirty Old Folkers you knew what to expect – but we did not also expect an onstage battle between a full size panda with a light sabre and Death, during a boozy rattle through the Lord of the Rings (abbreviated) as written down the road by little known author JR Tolkien. Other songs featured political anti-banker lyrics and references to that fact that not all us Brummies live in Moseley, and were equally danceable.

Seems they do a pantomime show every Xmas – well worth going to on this showing.

Read article: www.therockclub.co.uk

Gig junkies review

Gig Junkies

"Brilliantly bonkers."

The Dirty Old Folkers (the name says it all) continued their mission to corrupt the nation’s youth, and everyone else for that matter, with songs about wanking (Spank the Monkey) and rimming Hobbits (Lord of the ‘Rings’). The mash up of I Will Survive, Daytrip to Bangor and War Pigs (seriously) on the latter track has to be heard to be believed. Add a dancing panda and death (replete with his scythe) and you’ve got a show that out gaga’s Ms Germanotta.

Read article: www.gigjunkies.com

Birmingham Mail Review

Birimngham Mail

Review from Moseley Folk.

The folk genre is then given a twist, as the cheekily named Dirty Old Folkers take to the Lunar Stage. Between songs about David Cameron and those pesky bankers, the atmosphere in the crowd is one of a big ol’ laughing, dancing, raucous party. 

Oh and there’s a panda on stage. Forgot to mention that.

Read article:  www.birminghammail.co.uk

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